A safety program is only as good as the people behind it, and the people behind Batson-Cook’s program have made us a leader in industry safety.  Protecting our employees, trade partners, clients and the public is at the heart of our emphasis on safety, and the only acceptable result is zero accidents. 

Our keen focus on safety begins with our CEO, who understands the vital importance of maintaining a culture of safety – on the jobsite and in the office.  Our corporate safety department, led by a Certified Safety Professional in construction safety, is staffed by experienced, well-trained safety personnel who receive the resources necessary to effectively administer an award-winning safety program.

Batson-Cook division managers and general superintendents are champions of advancing our culture of safety to their respective personnel, and instrumental in helping them execute accident-free projects.  Field supervisory staff set the tone for safety in jobsite operations, recognizing that they are key to delivering the Batson-Cook safety imperative to each and every worker on the job.  Field employees play an important role as well by communicating their concerns and lending their experience to job hazard analysis procedures.

Our safety program is regularly updated with current best practices.  We implement improvements as we identify, test and refine them, and carefully track performance to ensure that each safety measure we adopt is increasing our ability to achieve a zero-accident record on each and every project.  “Safety Is No Accident” is more than a slogan at Batson-Cook; it is a way of life.

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