Batson-Cook has the flexibility to provide successful projects through various contract types - construction management, design-build, and general contracting.

We pride ourselves on having an in-house, experienced, professional preconstruction staff to provide services tailored to the owner’s requirements. 

Produce Detailed Cost Estimates

  • Conduct a complete systems take-off and apply current/projected costs. 
  • Perform cost evaluation of different systems or materials.
  • Suggest alternate systems or materials to reduce costs in both construction and long-term maintenance.
  • Complete material quantity take-off to compare with bidders/subcontractors.

Evaluate and Develop Overall Project Schedule

  • Batson-Cook utilizes Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling to coordinate the various trades and ensure that projects are completed on time.
  • Develop early release packages for long lead material or equipment.
  • Establish stand down periods to eliminate inconveniences to the owner.

Evaluate Lead Time and Availability for Materials and Systems

  • Identify materials, equipment, or systems that have a long lead time.
  • Advise the owner and design team to conduct early or phased bidding for longer lead items.
  • Advise the owner and design team of alternate materials or systems that will meet the construction schedule. 


  • Review the project site, project documents, and market factors to identify potential conflicts.
  • Evaluate the project as a whole and produce a site utilization plan that addresses the challenges of construction and the owner’s operations and activities.

Bid Manuals

  • Produce a Bid Manual with customized information for the project.  The Bid Manual eliminates scope-of-work confusion, provides the construction schedule, and provides bid requirements and project requirements specific to the project.

Subcontractor Interest

  • Generate subcontractor interest throughout the design phase and bidding phase.  Batson-Cook maintains a 10,000-plus subcontractor database in order to provide competitive bidding and obtain and deliver the best cost for the project.

Bid Management

  • Prequalify subcontractors to ensure selection of best subcontractors.
  • Conduct pre-bid meetings to convey unique project requirements, address questions, and allow subcontractors to view the project site.
  • Evaluate bids to ensure there are no scope gaps or overlaps.

Guaranteed Maximum Price

  • Compare subcontractors' material quantities with our in-house quantities.
  • Confirm that the subcontractors' proposed schedules fit into our overall project schedule requirements.
  • Eliminate scope gaps and overlaps.
  • Confirm we are providing the best and most competitive price to the owner.

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