Building Information Modeling (BIM)

At Batson-Cook, BIM is a shared vision between all members of a project team, starting with the owner and stretching to specialty subcontractors.  

Building Information Modeling (BIM) represents a wide range of software tools that are applied in the development and use of a computer-generated model to simulate the planning, design, construction and operation of a building project. Multiple models are generally created by Batson-Cook and our teammates and combined to serve as a visualization tool and single database for project information.

BIM does not change the fundamental roles and responsibilities of project participants but simply allows professionals to automate certain tasks in the design, coordination, fabrication, and building process. Leveraging BIM tools has allowed Batson-Cook’s project teams to increase the amount of coordination and collaboration between all project stakeholders.

Through Batson-Cook’s investment in BIM training for our management and field staff, we have ensured that the technology stays close to the source of knowledge and experience.  Our teams have the ability to implement various software tools and communicate project goals with our specialty subcontractors for systems coordination, visual construction sequencing and other meaningful data storage and extraction. Frequently, BIM projects report accelerated schedules, reduced overtime for field forces, reduced number of constructability-related change orders, and better coordination and sequencing of trades in the field.

Batson-Cook has the capacity to develop a project-specific BIM execution plan that can be tailored to our client’s specific needs, thereby ensuring that resources are used logically. For more information about the potential use of BIM on your project, feel free to contact our office to schedule a presentation for your facility staff or building task force.

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